"What on earth are Apple playing at? If you want to revolutionise computing, you have to be bold. When Apple unveiled the original Bondi-blue iMac back in 1998, there were howls of protest at its decision not to include a 3. 5-inch floppy-disk drive. "Hoԝ are we ցoing to cope? Βut next week Google ԝill mаke a far bolder mօve in launching іts first "Chromebooks", made ƅy Samsung and Acer. "
Apple, of course, was right, forging ahead to a bright new future.

It latеr emerged that the picture ѡas indeеd far olɗеr thаn Google Street View ɑnd was aϲtually thе product of some photo editing trickery. Ι've seen it a long time ago. �
how to mаke collage for facebook timeline Ԝhile ɑnother sɑid: tҺe best photo editing software �Ι literally fеlt my corpus callosum ѕtop functioning аfter looking аt this picture. "That's how old this picture is. One user claimed: �This picture is older than google streetview.

Starting from just $19 per month on a one-year plan, users can rent software applications like Dreamweaver, Illustrator ($29), Photoshop ($35) and InDesign ($35), or the entire Creative Suite Master Collection ($129) from Adobe.

Face to watch: Tom Allen
The camply refined comic's Afternoon Tea chat show was a highlight of this year's Edinburgh festival, so it's great to see his light-entertainment prowess being recognised on the small screen, with two upcoming presenting gigs for E4
Social networking: Match the tweet to the star
Chris O'Dowd, David Arquette, Carrie Fisher, Wiley

I don't say that solutions are easy to find; but solutions there are. There are biomass and composting plants to convert rubbish into valuable fertiliser. And once there is a market for those old plastic bags and bottles, be sure the streets and highways will be picked clean.

2 Only problem with Elvis is no pockets - and a fanny pack on Elvis is a sin in most states. Turns out they have it here too. But I don't have a Tommy gun for gangster
3 Came to NYC to get away from Halloween. 4 Judge judy see's thru everyone and anyone's bullshit. 1 Watching come dine with me. Mickey Rourke is doing great.

Facebook introduced the facial recognition technology to make the process of tagging photos quicker and easier. Security company Sophos is warning users that they should revise their Facebook privacy settings after the social networking quietly rolled out facial recognition for photo tagging globally.

Here are 10 of the biggest moments 2012 had to offer. We�ve seen it all, including big name acquisitions, mammoth lawsuits and a fair amount of controversy. January - March
Wikipedia blackout
A tough day for students across the land, Wikipedia closed its doors for 24 hours as part of protests against SOPA and PIPA, proposed US anti-piracy laws which included government powers to censor the web. Joined in protest by sites including Google, Flickr and Reddit, their efforts paid off and the legislation was never passed.

Users wasted no time in making a massive fuss, forcing CEO, Kevin Systrom, to make a u-turn on the decision. The deal has caused a rift between Instagram and Twitter, resulting in both sites removing features that integrate the two services. More recently, Instagram learnt that one thing it couldn�t make look good by whacking a sepia filter on top of was its shoddily updated terms of service, which claimed ownership of all photos taken with the app. In its largest acquisition to date, Facebook bought out hipster magnet, Instagram, for approximately $1 billion.

Since the release of Adobe Creative Suite in 2003, Adobe�s selection of professional graphic design, photo editing, web design and video editing software has remained the software suite of choice for most in the creative industry.

Fuji XP200
This is lovely and easy to handle, thanks to its rubberised back panel and ribbed edges. There�s GPS with a world map to chart your snaps, Wi-Fi, and an altimeter and barometer. The controls are also user-friendly and the screen crystal-clear and bright. Together with its feature-rich design, it means this gets a big thumbs-up from Digital Camera magazine. Nikon Coolpix AW110
This feature-packed camera handles underwater excursions up to 18m deep and you can even freeze it to -10C or drop it from up to 2m.

During All Things D's D9 conference, Google chairman Eric Schmidt revealed that Google had been working on facial recognition technology but has since decided not to use it - the potential for abuse is too risky, said Schmidt.

We group similar photos together and, whenever possible, suggest the name of the friend in the photos," explained Facebook іn a June 7 blog post. "When you or a friend upload new photos, we use face recognition software - similar to that found in many photo editing tools - to match your new photos to other photos you're tagged in.

Last summer the museum's Long Island site, MoMa PS1, asked five teams of architects and designers to come up with new ideas for refitting and redesigning America's suburbs - especially those that have been devastated by the mortgage crisis. The latest cultural institution to begin thinking about the future of the suburb in the post peak-oil world is New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMa). The concepts are now on show at the exhibition Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream.