Do not abuse and misuse the tool. Here is how it works. It is quite self explanatory to use this tool.Some times you might have a mirror for your Sharecash file.For ex. If you would like to get your premium account you can do that easily. So yeah, once you complete that offer you'll get your file, mostly it will be some fake file, password protected file (will require you to complete one more survey to get your password to unlock your file) and at the end you'll get fake file. There are many free and safe websites that offer file downloads and video streaming without annoying pop-up surveys. FileIce And Sharecash Downloader is one type of software which allow you to download any file from fileice without doing any survey. Why Should People Go to This Trouble in Order to Obtain Your Files? How to use Sharecash Auto Downloader ? The earnings from those surveys is shared between the uploader and Share Cash. In this post I will introduce you the new software created by the HacknTips Team. Do not close any pages that have opened in the process of unlocking the file. New Sharecash and Fileice Survey Bypasser Today I'm gonna share my latest downloader to you, by using this tool you can convert any links into premium one. It's uploaded on Sharecash and you are required to fill surveys to get your file! So many people offering free tools that will bypass surveys. You just need to design software and boom, it will be available in exe format just like any other software and that too with icon which would perhaps most of the users think that it is a real software. The downside here was that in the best case these worked for 4-5 days before Sharecash fixed the hole that was exploited. It connects to a database which contains some Sharecash premium account, and selects a working one. You also get more points and income by bringing more people into the network. New window will appear asking you for the output location where you want to save the file, and click Yes. It may seem working in online videos and pictures that site posts, but pictures are nothing but a scam, i will also tell how they do it. It's a no-brainer! What to do to skip the surveys? The rest you can use. Enjoy free Sharecash downloader trick to bypass Sharecash survey. It is highly recommended to never give away your private information to these unknown companies. while selecting the Proxy support it should ask a Verification Code.