ファイル、ツール類、必要な物 編集

手順 編集

Step 1: Canon S5 ISのファームウェア・バージョンを調べる編集

現在、Canon S5 ISで使用できるファームウェア・バージョンは2つありますが、正しく動作させるにはファームに合ったCHDKが必要です。2つのバージョンとは、

  1. 1.01a
  2. 1.01b

どうやってファームウェア・バージョンを確認するか? 簡単です。how to get firmware versionを読みなさい。以下に写真と解説つきで手順を説明します。

1) PCで\'マイコンピュータ\'を開き、ツール>フォルダオプションを選択します。 00.jpg

2) \'表示\'タブをクリックして、\'登録されている拡張子を表示しない\'. のチェックを外します00a.jpg

3) リーダにカードを挿入し、PCが認識したらドライブが有効になります。 01.jpg

4) 「マイコンピュータ」から上記のSDHCカード挿入ドライブを開き、右クリックで新規作成 > テキスト ドキュメントを選択します。. 02.jpg

5) 「新規ドキュメント.txt」ファイルが作成されました。 03.jpg

6) このファイルを、ver.reqにリネームします(図に赤で印)。 確認で「はい」を選びます。 03a.jpg

7) 完了! 04.jpg

8) カードを外し、Canon S5 ISカメラに差します、カメラを再生モードで起動します(撮影モードはNG。撮影モードで起動し、再生モードに切替えてもNG)。カメラの液晶モニタには\'画像なし\'か、何かボケた画像が写っていると思います。

9) SETDISPボタンを押します。まずSETボタンを先に押し、押したままDISPボタンを押します。うまくいけば、液晶ディスプレイにこのような表示が現れます。 05.jpg


For 1.01a

Canon PowerShot S5 IS
P-ID:3148 PAL D

Firmware Ver GM1.01A

No error
May 29 2007 18:17:20

For 1.01b

Canon PowerShot S5 IS
P-ID:3148 PAL D

Firmware Ver GM1.01B

No error
June 14 2007 20:11:19


Firmware Viesion Ver.などと出た場合は、何か間違えています。カードを初期化してもう一度チャレンジしてください!


オーケイ!以上の手順がうまくいけば、Canon S5 ISのファームウェアが確認できたました。一歩目標に近づいた!

Step 2: 正しいバージョンのCHDKとツールをダウンロードする編集

Before begin download these things, I suggest you create a folder to store these files for your own convenient\'s sake. At least you won\'t need to search around your cluttered desktop when you need the files. 必要なAnyway, I\'ve included a zipped package with all the things that you need. Download it here. Or if you don\'t trust me ;P, you can download it yourself from each of the respective sites below.

1) Pretty simple step. Just head over to CHDKwiki download page and grab the CHDK version according to your S5 firmware version. And yeah it has to be same, else it won\'t work.

2) "CHDK Card tricks"ツールは、フォーラムサイトに行き、ダウンロードリンクをクリックしてください。こいつはwhimが書いた、ちょっとイカしたツールで、SDカード初期化し、自動ブート可能にします。

3) Read reply #4 from the CHDK S5 forum thread. You will need this file to make your removable disk a \'permanent disk\' so you can partition it. (Anyone know any better way to partition SD/SDHC cards? Please let me know as this is the only way I know). Don\'t worry if it seems confusing, I will illustrate the steps shortly. There is a link there to download this file:​92. The file name is \'\'.

オーケー、カードを動作させるすべてのファイルは用意できました。Again, you can download this file here which I created with everything you need. Onwards!

Step 3: 超2GB SD/SDHCカードのパーテーション作成準備編集

ここをちょっと読んでみましょう。 CHDK Card forum あなたのカード上でパーテーションを作成できるようにするために、「リムーバブルメディア」から「固定ディスク」にドライブ認識を変更させる方法が書いてあります。

この項目注意! Windowsのドライブやレジストリ操作に慣れていない場合は、PCを動作不能にする恐れがありますので、ここに書かれている手順をます読んでください。 書かれていることの半分も理解できなかったら、作業を諦めて「ギーク」な友人に作業を頼むこと。 あえて続けるならば、次のWebページ、復帰ポイント作成 をまず読み、何か変になって怖くなったらここで作った復帰ポイントに戻りこと。 これは警告です

1)レジストリエディタregedit.exeを起動します。「スタート」ボタン > 「ファイル名を指定して実行」, を選び、regeditとタイプしてエンターキーを押します。 E01.jpg


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\ControlSet00​1\\Enum\\USBSTOR\\ You will see a couple entries below USBSTOR. These are the removable disk\'s registry entries. E02.jpg

3) Now locate your card reader. I use a Kingston Data Traveler Reader. Hopefully you will find traces of the card reader name. I poked around the entries and found out that this key refers to my card reader. (In the red squares, click on pic for a larger view). 2460464725 c638fbfc97 o.jpg

4) Now copy the name of the key into notepad. For mine, the text that is needed is \'USBSTOR\\Disk&Ven_Kingston&Prod_Card_R​eader&Rev_6000\'. Remember to include the \'USBSTOR\\\' before the key name. Here is an example of mine: E04.jpg

5) Now open up the file \'\' that you downloaded. It is a zipped file. Extract all the files into a folder. Locate the file \'cfadisk.inf\', and open it in notepad. E05.jpg

6) Look at the following screenshot for clarification. Scroll down untill you see the line

%Microdrive_devdesc% = cfadisk_install, cfadisk_install,IDE\\DiskIBM-DSCM-11000_​_________________________SC2IC801

Now you need to replace ALL lines \"%Microdrive_devdesc% = cfadisk_install, blablabla\" with the line you copied from your registry. Here is my example:

%Microdrive_devdesc% = cfadisk_install, USBSTOR\\Disk&Ven_Kingston&Prod_Card_Rea​der&Rev_6000

Change from: E06.jpg

Replace those line highlighted in yellow in the picture above with the line what you copied in step 4. I replaced those lines with \'USBSTOR\\Disk&Ven_Kingston&Prod_Card_R​eader&Rev_6000\' as the following picture shows. *'* PAY EXTRA CAREFUL ON WHAT TEXT ARE REPLACED! **'

After done, save.

7) ** Plug in your card reader **. Goto Control Panel>System>Device Manager. Under \'Disk Drives\', you should see your card reader. Double click your card reader device. A dialog pops up. Go to the \'Dirver\' tab, and select \'Update Driver\'. E08.jpg

8) When Windows ask to connect to Windows Update to search for software, select \'No, not this time\'. When Windows ask \"What do you want the wizard to do?\", select \'Install from a list of specific location (Advanced)\'. The \'Hardware Update Wizard\' dialog pop up will appear, select \'Don\'t search. I will choose a driver to install\'. E09.jpg

9) Select \'Have Disk\', and browse to the modified driver (the file \'cfadisk.inf\' that we edit just now.) E10.jpg

10) You will see this dialog. Click \'Next\'. Windows will warn you that this driver is not uncertified and gives a whole bunch of warnings. Just continue with the installation. E10.jpg

11) Restart your computer. After you reboot, you will see that your removable drive (card reader) is now a \'Fixed drive\'. Yay! Now we can partition and format our card! E12.jpg

Step 4: Partition card 編集

1) Goto Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Computer Management, on the side bar. Locate \'Disk Management\' and select it. You will be presented with a screen as below. Notice that my \'converted\' SDHC is listed (in the red boxes).


2) There should be an existing 8Gb partition there. So delete that by right clicking on the card partition, and selecting \'Delete\'. Make sure you are right clicking on the correct partition! Else you risk deleting your harddisk partition which cannot be undone! P02.jpg

3) Your card partition will be showing \'Unallocated\'. So now we are going to create the FAT16 partition for booting CHDK. Right click on the empty partition and select \'New partition...\' P03.jpg

4) Create a primary partition. P04.jpg

5) Allow 16Mb for that partition. (Theoratically can be any size u wan, but who wants to waste more space for it?) P05.jpg

6) Assign a drive letter, this drive letter will be used when u plug your card reader in. P06.jpg

7) Format it as FAT and allow a quick format. P07.jpg

8) Done! Our FAT16 partition for CHDK! Yeah baby yeah! P08.jpg

9) Now for the other partition. Do these steps:

  1. Create new partition.
  2. Create primary partition.
  3. Allocate the maximum size.
  4. Assign a drive letter, used by windows when card is plugged in.
  5. Format as FAT32!


10) Partition success! P10.jpg

My Computer view once you succeed: P11.jpg

Step 5: Make card bootable 編集

1) Startup \'cardtricks that you downloaded just now. You will be presented with a \'Browse for folder\' dialog. Select \'Cancel\'. B01.jpg

2) Now the \'Allow fixed disk\' is unchecked by default. Check it. [画像:b02.jpg]]

3) Click on the SD card icon to bring up the \'Browse for folder\' dialog. Now remember our FAT16 partition is drive M? So select drive M and hit \'OK\'. B03.jpg

4) The \'Make Bootable\' button becomes enabled. Click on it! B04.jpg

5) Booyah, the card is now bootable! B05.jpg

6) Whats left is just to copy the CHDK (DISKBOOT.bin) into our bootable drive. B06.jpg

Step 6: Voila! CHDK on high capacity SD/SDHCs! 編集

To enable CHDK, lock the card. The camera will boot CHDK. To resume \'normal\' operation (without CHDK), simply unlock the card. The camera will not boot CHDK.

WTF is this? Tat\'s CHDK on S5, LOL. Sorry taken with my phone camera...

Appendix A: To do

I read in the forums from DataGhost that if we make the FAT12/FAT16 an extended drive, Windows will ignore it and read the next main partition which will be the FAT32 partition (where all the photos are stored).

Currently I still can\'t \'change\' the FAT12/FAT16 partition to be \'extended\'. Doing so in the windows disk management don\'t seem to work as camera will show disk error. So I\'m thinking mayb need to hack the partition table of the FAT12/FAT16... which I\'m still figuring how to do.

Well, if it works, I assume that the card can then be used on ANY computer, irregardless of whether the custom driver is installed or not... I think.

Appendix B: Credits

Creators and owners of resources used in this tutorial: Dataghost from the CHDK forums for porting over CHDK to S5, and a lot of info for booting SDHC. whim THX for creating the neat tool card tricks. lukg from the CHDK forums for pointing out the custom driver hack. All the people who have contributed to the CHDK forum postings, I learned alot!